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With more than 30 years of experience, Doctor Carlos García is recognized as an international professor of minimally invasive therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostatic growth.

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Taking care of the health of your prostate

Dr. Carlos Garcia is the author of various publications and papers presented at international conferences. He is focused on using the latest technology to take care of your health.

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Burning when urinating

Blood when urinating

Back pain that runs to the groin

Involuntary leakage of urine

painful ejaculation

Diagnosis of prostate diseases

At the prostate clinic, our main objective is the accurate diagnosis of diseases that affect this organ, using the latest protocols recommended in European and United States centers; Once the diagnosis is made, we can discuss the treatment alternatives that best meet the control of the disease and the expectations of each patient.

Lower urinary tract procedures

Cirujano Urologo


This study consists of internal visualization of the urinary tract, using endoscopic equipment called a cystoscope, which allows us to observe every detail of the bladder, urinary duct (urethra) and prostate. Allowing support, if a resolution procedure is needed, to make a better decision about the different existing methods.


Medico Urologo


Functional study, which complements the diagnosis of benign prostatic growth, allowing the measurement of urinary flow. With this information, the degree of urinary restriction can be defined, as well as deciding the ideal type of treatment. Once treatment has been received, flowmetry allows the resulting improvement to be assessed.


Urologo cirujano


When the lower urinary tract does not present any obstruction, it is necessary to know the behavior of the bladder, in order to define a treatment aimed at controlling this organ, and ensuring that filling and emptying (urination) are as normal as possible. Urodynamics helps us measure pressures inside the bladder at different fillings and conditions.


Consultation and advice

The most important thing is not only to resolve prostate symptoms, BUT TO MEET EACH PATIENT'S EXPECTATIONS.

1. We will meet in a consultation to review the results of the studies, and I will be able to explain the findings, discuss the normalities of each study, and the possible causes why there may be an abnormal result.​

Once the studies carried out have been collected

2. Was it enough to have a diagnosis?

On many occasions, the basic studies performed, mainly prostate-specific antigen, urine examination and ultrasound, will not be enough to reach a diagnosis, for this reason one or more complementary studies will be requested...

3. Search for therapeutic options

Once the diagnosis has been corroborated, the next step is to explain the available treatment options, their advantages and disadvantages. With this information, the patient and his family will be able to make an informed decision, not only hoping for a solution to the prostate problem, but also hoping to meet the realistic expectations discussed.

4. Definition of a treatment

Currently there are many alternatives to treat prostate problems, depending on the severity of the symptoms, the time of the disease, etc. The patient, family member and I will define the best option, start of treatment or scheduling of the procedure to be carried out.

Minimally invasive therapies

Treatments must be personalized, according to the expectations and needs of each patient! We should not use the same therapy as if all cases were the same.


Ask me about Minimally Invasive therapies and the latest technology, Prevents the adverse effects of invasive therapies!

Bipolar vaporization

Bipolar Vaporization (Laser): This minimally invasive technique uses an endoscopic system, which generates a sufficient temperature rise in the working element to cause vaporization of the tissue it touches, with a limited depth, which avoids damaging deep structures, the Generators can be bipolar or laser. Simultaneously with the vaporization of the tissue, cauterization of the blood vessels occurs, achieving perfect control of bleeding. It is an excellent therapeutic alternative for prostates up to 60 CC.

Bipolar enucleation

Procedure that allows the benign prostatic growth to be removed endoscopically, as it is done openly; with great bleeding control. By performing the entire procedure with visual control, important structures are avoided, such as the location of the sphincter, avoiding urinary incontinence. This endoscopic procedure is recommended for prostate growths greater than 80 CC.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, for its acronym in English, is a minimally invasive treatment of the latest technology for Benign Prostatic Growth and Localized Prostate Cancer; It is the current method used in the best centers in the world to manage localized cancer, such as the University College London hospitals or the NYU Langone hospitals in New York. This uses ultrasound to generate ablation (destruction) of the prostate, with great precision, without causing wounds; creating lesions the size of a grain of rice, without bleeding. Being an outpatient procedure, with quick recovery. Ask us about this treatment.


It is a minimally invasive treatment that uses small implants, such as staples, to quickly open the urine outflow path through the prostate. It is a treatment for benign prostate growth. Among its advantages is rapid recovery, quick procedure, minimal bleeding and prompt resolution of symptoms. Ask us about this treatment.

Laser vaporization

This minimally invasive technique uses an endoscopic system, which generates a sufficient temperature rise in the working element to cause vaporization of the tissue it touches, with a limited depth, which avoids damaging deep structures. The generators can be bipolar or laser. . Simultaneously with the vaporization of the tissue, cauterization of the blood vessels occurs, achieving perfect control of bleeding. It is an excellent therapeutic alternative for prostates up to 60 CC.


It is a next-generation nuclear medicine therapy, used in centers in the USA and Europe for the treatment of hormone-resistant metastatic cancer. This alternative uses a radioactive isotope LUTECIUM-177 that is transported into cancer cells, wherever they are, causing their death, without harming other cells. Ask us about this treatment alternative.


Endoscopic procedure, which continues to be the GOLD STANDARD, in the minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic growth. All new technologies are compared with the results of this procedure. It uses an endoscopic system, whose working element has a handle, which allows the prostate growth to be cut into strips, eliminating the obstruction, thanks to the fact that it is carried out under direct vision; The bipolar system allows you to simultaneously cut and fulgurate blood vessels, reducing the risk of bleeding. The resected tissue is extracted from the bladder by means of specially designed suction equipment, without causing injury to the bladder. Despite the passing of the years, it continues to be a very effective alternative, in prostate growths of up to 80 CC.

Testimonials and reviews

Do you want to know some of our success stories? We leave you some

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Carlos Chernov

Very satisfied with the attention received at Urovallarta. On the one hand, in addition to being a highly qualified doctor, Dr. Carlos García Gutiérrez treated me with cordial human treatment, as did the professionals who supported him. On the other hand, it is notable that his technical equipment is top-notch.

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A spectacular place Hygiene, experience and with a human warmth that comforts the heart. My dad was operated on with a unique and amazing technology. Don't think about it anymore, don't punish your health in the hands of charlatans. Thank you, Dr. Garcia. Always grateful.

Saul Luengas.png

Saul Luengas

Urovallarta's service is excellent, its facilities comfortable and the staff attentive and efficient. Regarding the service and clinical care, it is provided by professional and experienced doctors, providing clear and timely advice and diagnoses with precise information, service with human warmth.

Doctor Carlos Garcia Urologo

Don't underestimate the importance of your urological health. If you have experienced worrying symptoms or simply want to undergo a preventive checkup, we encourage you to book your appointment with us. Remember that taking care of your health is an investment in your long-term well-being.

To schedule your urological consultation or to obtain more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.





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