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The most important thing is not only to resolve the prostate symptoms, BUT TO MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF EACH PATIENT.


We will meet in a consultation to review the results of the studies, and I will be able to explain the findings, discuss the normalities of each study, and the possible causes why there may be an abnormal result.

Once the studies carried out have been collected


Was it enough to have a diagnosis?


On many occasions, the basic studies performed, mainly prostate-specific antigen, urine examination and ultrasound, will not be enough to reach a diagnosis, for this reason one or more complementary studies will be requested...


Search for therapeutic options


Once the diagnosis has been corroborated, the next step is to explain the available treatment options, their advantages and disadvantages. With this information, the patient and his family will be able to make an informed decision, not only hoping for a solution to the prostate problem, but also hoping to meet the realistic expectations discussed.


Definition of a treatment


Currently there are many alternatives to treat prostate problems, depending on the severity of the symptoms, the time of the disease, etc. The patient, family member and I will define the best option, initiation of treatment or scheduling of the procedure to be carried out.

Do you want to evaluate your prostate health?

There is a questionnaire called INTERNATIONAL PROSTATIC SYMPTOMS SCORE (IPSS), which evaluates the symptoms present in the growth of the gland, as well as their severity. The rating helps us define the severity and the type of treatment that can be used to improve the symptoms. .

If you want to evaluate your urinary function, answer it and we can suggest the next step.

If your score on the IPSS questionnaire - prostate symptoms was higher than 8, evaluation is very necessary, prostate growth is really causing you problems. If it is less than 8, it is advisable to consider an annual checkup.

Do you want to evaluate your sexual function?

The IIEF-5 questionnaire allows us to rate erectile function, to guide the need for a comprehensive assessment, with the aim of improving it.

Are you interested in answering the questionnaire in order to evaluate your functional quality?

If your IIEF-5 Score rating is less than 20 points, there is some degree of erectile dysfunction, which is why I recommend that you be evaluated to find a solution that recovers this very important function as much as possible.

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