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Carlos M. Garcia

Urologist Puerto Vallarta

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Carlos García is recognized as an international professor of minimally invasive therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostatic growth. He is the author of various publications and papers presented at international conferences.


He is focused on using the latest technology to take care of your health.

What discomfort does a diseased prostate cause?

Taking care of the health of your prostate

The latest in technology 

  • You are over 45 years old.

  • You have had difficulty urinating.

  • You constantly get up to urinate at night.

  • Your urine stream is cut off or weaker. 

  • You have had blood in urine or blood in semen.

  • You have had painful ejaculation.

  • Tired of using a urinary catheter repetitively.

Yeah have you identified with this symptoms could be suffering from prostate problems.


Other urinary symptoms

You have submitted:

  • blood when urinating

  • Burning when urinating

  • Back pain that extends to the groin

  • involuntary leakage of urine


At UROVALLARTA we have subspecialists who can help you

prostate surgeon

Our services 

Dr. Carlos M. Garcia Gutierrez urologist, cordial and warm treatment for his patients in consultation

Prostate disease advice

prostate ultrasound

Diagnosis of prostate diseases

flowmetry, prostate support studies

Procedure in lower urinary tract


Minimally invasive treatment


What do our patients think?

Rodolfo Arias Becerra

“Excellent urological center, I highly recommend it, they supported me at all times in solving my problem, the staff that works there has a very humane treatment with which I felt very comfortable and calm, the facilities are pleasant and the clinic has lots of technology. cutting edge in the field of men's health. Dr. Carlos, the owner of the clinic, in addition to being an excellent doctor, is a great human being who can be trusted with our health. "
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